The January Doors Are Open (1 Space Left)

Good morning,
So December is officially upon us.
Probably the craziest month of the year, the month where some people write off doing anything remotely productive until the New Year.
The month where some people who aren’t happy with their weight/shape decide that they’re going to put on another half a stone to a stone before starting the now harder challenge to lose it.
Don’t you just love Christmas ;-)???
I must say that I do, it’s a great time.
I enjoy the festive treats, meals out, alcohol, seeing friends as much as the next person but my clients and I (the good ones anyway!) try to strike a balance.
We are even heading out this evening for an early Christmas meal and social night.
It won’t be the healthiest meal but we are still training around it. Drinking plenty of water and maybe even skipping breakfast tomorrow morning and doing a bit of a fast. This time of year a few sneaky damage limitation tips which I teach my clients definitely help.
Some of my clients will even lose weight this month!
If you’re a planner and your goal is to improve your body shape, health and fitness or just want to finally find a gym where you can enjoy training with other like minded ladies over 30s then you’ll be pleased to know that the January registration for our next 6 week course is officially open.
(You’ll be even more pleased to know that it’s also with a £50 discount if you move quick!)
The program officially starts around the 6th of January, we had 12 spaces available where you could also come in and train in December for free as well as the £50 discount. We have 1 of those spaces available so if you move quick today you may nab the last one!
If not you can grab yourself a guaranteed place for January so you know over Christmas you’ve got something life changing lined up. There’s now 14 spaces left available for the January start date.
Treat yourself to the gift of a happier and healthier life in 2020 (and beyond)
If you have any more questions please just ask.
Jamie Stedman
PS If you’re bored of rejoining the same gym in January along with hundreds of others then this more private, controlled and personal solution could just be the one for you.


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