This Is Why

I was talking to a man the other day in the gym.

We were talking about training and he asked about my training program.

I told him what I do and how much I do and he said to me ‘Why do you train so much?’

Where do I start.



Well firstly a personal trainer allergic to exercise isn’t a good fit. I train as part of my job, for example I take two spin classes, two bootcamps and a kettlebell class every week, these all require me to exercise. Plus looking at it a different way as a personal trainer I’m a walking bilboard. If I was out of shape then I’m giving out the total wrong impression. Who wants to hire a fat personal trainer? I know I wouldn’t.

Why else?

I feel like it gives me a sense of purpose. I’m a big advocator of goal setting. I make sure I’ve always got a long term goal that I’m aiming for and it’s broken up into short term goals which act as stepping stones on the way to the main goal.

At the moment I’m training towards the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2016! I’m so excited. I wanted to do something ambitous and different. So that’s the long term goal and the short term goals en route include things such as 10k, half marathon and 20 mile races. I know if I let up with training that I’m going to fall behind. My training program and long term goal stops me from doing that.

No matter how big or small, how hard or easy your goal is, if it motivates you enough to move your ass then it’s doing it’s job!

Okay what other reasons have I got. (The guys now starting to regret asking me).

Energy Levels. So many people say they haven’t got the energy to exercise, what these people don’t know is exercise gives them the energy to… exercise. Once you get into regular exercise all of the feel good endorphins it releases will become addictive. You feel great after it. Plus exercise improves your health, the healthier you are the more energy you’ve got to play with.

It’s fun. Not for everyone I know but I just absolutely love exercising. If you don’t find running or the gym fun then go and play a sport, swim or just go for a walk/cycle somewhere scenic.

It’s social. I’ve met so many awesome people over the years through exercise. A great way to find like minded people and expand your social circle.

Change In Body Shape. You can get in good shape by just dieting but to get in great shape you need to exercise. A toned athletic look, or a strong muscular look or whatever you aim for can be achieved with the right exercise program.

Stops Me Gaining Weight. I know that your diet is the most important factor in determining whether you put on weight and lose weight. But I know that the amount of exercise I do and the calories I burn during would help to prevent me gaining so much weight if I ate badly.

What else have I got?

Oh the guy’s left 😉

See you next week. Same time same place.

Jamie ‘That is why’ Stedman

PS Why do you exercise? I’d love to hear. Comment below.

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