Time To Grow Up?

To be up front I got today’s blog idea from my good friend and my mentor Richard Clarke, he spoke about the same subject in his blog a couple of weeks ago.
A strong title today.
What am I talking about?
It’s the way people (adults) eat these days, like kids!
Yes many adults eat like children.
Does this sound too out of the ordinary to you:
Breakfast – Bowl of cereal or toast
Lunch – Sandwich with can of pop, pack of crisps and maybe a chocolate bar
Dinner – Ready meal or maybe a pizza, more chocolate for dessert and a glass of pop to wash it down
That’s a childs diet that so many bloody adults follow every day.
It’s ridiculous, ZERO goodness.
It’s like putting water in your car and expecting to drive around all day.
If that diet sounds familiar then it’s time to dig out a cookbook or do a proper food shop and get some decent protein and vegetables in your diet.
If you eat like above and its because you haven’t got time then I have a strategy…
Stop making excuses and find the time.
Scrambled eggs = 2-3 mins
Salad = 3-5 mins
Stir fry = 6-10 mins
No excuses.
Jamie Stedman
PS To find out a bit more about my simple ways of getting healthy then head on over to www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk
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