Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Good morning,

How are you all feeling?

Did you sleep well?

I’ts been another busy week up at HQ and this weekend I’m off to Cardiff for day 1 and 2 of my BACPR Cardiac Rehabilitation course, I can’t wait!

This course will allow me to work more closely with clients who have suffered from problems such as (angina, stroke, hypertension, heart attacks), very worthwhile. Especially considering the many health problems that people are dying from today.

So yeah, how did you sleep?

I’m sure you all know how good your start to the day is after a great nights sleep. Full of energy and raring to go.

I’m sure you all know how bad a start to the day is after a poor nights sleep. Tired, lethargic, no energy, relying on coffee and junk food to get you through the day?

Some people do this every single day!

Lack of sleep doesn’t only lead to feeling tired, it can have long term health problems (as well as making weight loss a lot more dififcult).

When I find out my client’s haven’t been losing weight one of my first questions is (along with how much water are they drinking) how well are you sleeping.

You really want to be getting at least 7 hours sleep, I know some people can function on less but you should be aiming for 8-10 hours.

Due to my 6am starts I always try and aim to be in bed by 10pm.

Here are some tips to help you sleep:
– Read as opposed to watching TV/being on your phone/tablet before bed. Especially avoid watching doom and gloom things such as the news before bed. If you are watching something late at night watch something light hearted and funny.
– Listen to some relaxing music or have a hot bath
– Get into a routine of regular sleep and wake times
– Make sure your room is sleep conducive, no phones, no light, not even the little red light from the TV
– Buy black out blinds or ear plus and eye masks to help with the above
– Make sure your mattress and pillows are comfrotable and offer your body good support
– Finish eating 3-4 hours before trying to sleep
– Avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible

So there we have it.

A nice list to help you sleep.

It really is so important and you’d be suprised what difference getting regular sleep can make to your weight loss attempts.

Right off to work 🙂


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