We Are Still Open! (Would You Like To Take A Look Inside Our New Gym)

Hi Jamie,

And by new gym I do mean my living room, maybe my kitchen or if the weather’s good then my garden!

So due to lockdown measures I have moved our whole business online, it’s going really really well!

To see that it’s achievable to do at home I (or a member of the team) performs them with you live and coaches you through them from home too.

Are you following any sort of program at the moment?

There’s so much stuff out there it must be said!

A few people have asked the difference between what I offer and the free stuff out there.

Well with my program:

  • You get a personal coach – I speak to every member each week about diet, exercise or anything they need
  • The instructor can see you using the software we use – just like a normal gym class
  • There’s a varied fun timetable including Pilates, Cardio Dance and Barre Fit as well as our usual strength, cardio and core classes
  • You weigh yourself once a week and update me with your progress
  • We have a mindful eating class plus a weekly live slimming club where I teach you all about food and how to use it best
  • You’re part of a fun, active and motivating private facebook group which brings loads of benefits
  • You get access to our brand new nutrition system to help you get control of your food

That’s what you pay for! 🙂

We offer incredible value and this is why our members are getting fitter and losing weight each week.

Could that be said for the rest of the nation?

What we are going through is a very challenging and difficult time, it’s not relatable to anything we’ve ever experienced.

We also don’t know the end point.

Week 1-2 I know a lot of people who understandably felt scared and turned to sitting on the sofa, eating junk and drinking more.

You can’t do that for 3,4,5,6….. weeks.

If anything important is to come from this it is that we need to take care of ourselves and our bodies.

It’s already been reported that a healthy body will have a better chance of coping with the virus and government advise is make sure you exercise.

If I was to say one reason for making sure you follow some sort of exercise routine (with me or elsewhere) it’s for your MENTAL HEALTH

Honestly it’s so so important to look after yourself at the moment and taking even 10-15 mins away each day to focus on yourself and blow off some steam.

All classes are a handy 30 mins which is more doable with a busy homelife we find.

Can I join?

Yes we are running a trial 21 day program which is available for just £39. Full details here:


Still not sure?

Reply saying ‘I want to try a class’ and I’ll get you setup to try a free class to see if you like it.

That’s all from me today.

Stay safe and have a great Easter Weekend.

PS To see the ladies in action in one of the classes click here

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