Week 13

Workout 1

Workout 2

Weekly Meal Plan


This is your last week of Cycle 3 and of the 90 Day Plan!

This means that on the weekend this week I want you to weigh, measure and take your final progress photos and write me a description of how you have found cycle 3 along with the whole plan.

If possible I want you to talk about:

  • Your situation before signing up
  • What you achieved in each cycle
  • How different you feel now compared to at the start
  • Your specific before and after results
  • How you found the plan (workouts, diet, tutorials, me)

And anything else you feel you want to talk about.

I’ve absolutely loved working with you and being able to help you get a bit closer to where you want to be. I really hope I’ve helped you and your feedback is your way of helping me.

What you also need to do later this week after your final workout is redo the fitness tests that you did in week 1. You need to perform these tests exactly the same as previously for the results to be accurate.

I fully expect you to obliterate your scores from week 1! Email me with your results once done.


I just want to say thank you so much for investing your time and money into this plan.

I really really hope that you’ve achieved what you wanted to and that you feel like you’ve given it your all. Your results will tell the story.

You now have access to this 90 Day Plan for good. You can keep using the meal plans, the workouts and refresh your knowledge with the tutorials whenever you like.

Anytime you feel you’re going off course just remember you have all the tools right here to get you back on track.

You’ve learned the right way to stay fit and healthy all year round.

I am working on the maintenance program which follows this plan but for now well done and good luck. I will be in touch when the follow up plan is available.

So work hard this week, smash your fitness scores, re measure yourself and send me your photos and scores.

It’s been a pleasure.

Jamie Stedman


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