What H Did In 6 Weeks


Pleased to say my legs have finally stopped aching after my marathon!

i wouldn’t recommend you try and do a couple in the space of a few months!

I try not to big myself up too much to you or sell sell sell


Sometimes I have to just a little bit.

I guess today isn’t really bragging, it’s more about drawing attention to the results I’ve had with my new client H on his first 6 weeks.

Of course, these results wouldn’t have been had without his amazing effort and commitment but it just proves just what some people could achieve with the right guidance.

How many of you train regularly (or attempt to) and attempt to control what you eat?

H was the same, he’s exercised in the past but actually at present wasn’t doing anything before he started with me (other than an active job), he wanted to shift a bit of weight but struggled, he ate what he could at work, usually just had tea/coffee to get him through until the first meal of the day. On the whole he didn’t eat much so struggled to understand why he had gained weight.

I experience this a lot with people coming to see me.

That’s all it’s taken with H is some tweaking to his diet, cutting out some things, adding some things and introducing structured meal plans.

This has gone alongside 3 training sessions a week and here are his results from the first 6 weeks:

Weight loss: 1 stone exactly
Body fat percentage: 2.3% drop
Inches lost: 8.6
Plus absolutely smashed previous scores on the bleep test, squat, press up, burpees and plank!!!

Admittedly it doesn’t always go this well with clients but the closer you stick to the plan the greater the results.

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Jamie Stedman

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