What Would 35lbs Weight Loss Mean To You?

Just a quick one today, It’s Friday and I know you’re busy.
Summer is in full swing after our recent glorious weather and all the social occasions involving food and alcohol to go with it, people may be feel a little ‘larger and softer’ than usual and want to do something about it.
What would 35lbs weight loss change for you?
That’s 2 and a half stone.
For those of you at your ideal weight then it probably would lead you to become weak, unhealthy and look like a skeleton but for those of you not where you want to be I imagine it would do hell of a lot for your:
– Confidence
– Body Shape
– Health
– Love life
– Happiness
Well losing 35lbs is exactly what one of my ladies Gloria did at the slimming club I run with Richard Clarke.
Rather than hearing me say how she do it here’s a video from the lady herself who is looking and feeling great:
If you want to join the slimming club which is just £25 every 4 weeks then you need to fill out this form:
Have a good weekend!
Jamie Stedman
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