What’s Your Back Up Plan?

Hey there,

Jamie Stedman here.

I’ve been a personal trainer working in the Llanelli area for the past three years. I do one to one, small group training and classes. I love doing that but I also love writing these weekly posts, if I can make just one or two of my readers make some positive changes to their lives then that’s good enough for me.

Nice quick one today as I’ve got a full day of work ahead.

Going to be a long day.

I’ve got a spin class to take at 7am to kick things off. Then off to my personal training studio for 2 personal training sessions. Then I’ve got a 6 mile run to do then back to work in another gym for a few hours and then another pt session and a bit of work on the laptop to finish.

It can be draining but I enjoy it.

Sometimes things crop up and make me change my plan e.g. someone books in for a massage, client needs to rearrange, need to cover in the gym which throws out my plan.

When unexpected things happen it can make it harder to Exercise and also to Eat Healthy.

That’s why I (and you should) always have a few things up my sleeve to help me stay on track even if I can’t stick to the exact plan.

How easy would it be when your plan is thrown off to grab a quick meal on the run and skip your exercise session?

A few strategies to stay healthy while busy:

– Fit in a mini bodyweight workout just stick to squats, press ups and lunges

– If you have a spare 10-15 mins in the day go for a quick walk

– Always make sure you have a bottle of water and a healthy snack like nuts/dried fruit in the car for if ever you get stuck

– Plan and prepare your meals the night before/the morning and take with you to work

– Get to know some healthy supermarket meal options instead of fast food. You could get some fresh chicken off the deli counter and a pot of salad for a few quid. Some supermarkets also have a good salad bar

You see just little strategies like this can make a real difference in your quest to be as fit, lean and healthy as possible.

Always try and plan ahead when you can.

Jamie Stedman

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