Which Ones Have You Tried?

It seems that every other week there is a brand new miraculous wonderful diet coming out!
You know the ones, the ones that promise you’ll lose 28 pounds in a month or some rubbish.
There’s juice plus, herbalife, ketogenic, paleo, Cambridge, atkins, weight watchers, slimming world, low carb, no carb etc etc etc
How many of those have you tried?
My most recent discovery was losing weight by just drinking coffee, sounds healthy 😉
I could put you all on a diet where you could lose an extreme amount of weight but what happens after?
– You’ll get ill at some point
– It’ll be too difficult and you’ll go on a binge
– You may last the diet but then put the weight back on (and more) after going back to eating ‘normally’
– You stay an unhappy weight for a few months until you try again with that diet or another one
There’s surely a better way right?
Absolutely there is.
It’s called a balanced diet!
A diet made up of foods such as:
– High quality protein
– Healthy fats
– A good supply of carbohydrates
– Plenty of nutritious fruit and vegetables
If you do the above you even have a bit of freedom to eat the naughty stuff.
The principles are simple, sticking to it is the harder part.
That’s what I help people do who work with me and it really does change their life.
If you have a bad relationship with food and you need help then get in touch.
Options available:
– slimming club
– meal plans
– one-one coaching
– full nutrition overhaul package
– online coaching
Just click reply and tell me what you need help with and I’ll tell you how I WILL do that.
Jamie Stedman
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