Why Lift Weights

When I first get a client started I explain to them how the training is going to run.

Most people train twice a week so I tell them that we’ll be doing one cv fitness session each week and one strength/weights session.

That makes a lot of people shake in their trainers.

Me… weights?

I don’t want to ‘bulk up’ or ‘get big’ is a response I often get, from females mainly.

After I explain to them why we do the weights they’re a bit more at ease.

Fast forward a few weeks and 90% of the time they love the weights session and it’s the one they look forward to the most.

Bulking up or getting big doesn’t happen by accident.

A sensible approach to weights training helps:

– getting stronger
– improve body shape
– burn fat
– improve posture
– create stronger bones
– create a more toned figure 

It’s the real deal and it’s fun and you get a great sense of achievement from doing it.

If you’re a gym goer pounding the treadmill, cross trainer, bike and tower and are in the same shape as you were last year then it’s time for a change!

Technique, rep range, weights used and how you eat alongside training will make or break your results thought.

Luckily that’s what I take charge of with my clients. (Online, one-one and small group)

If you want to join the team and learn how to get the most out of your training then fill out this quick form and I’ll be in touch and we can see if it’s right for you.

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