Yes Or No Game

Want to play a little game?
I sound like that creepy guy from the Saw films.
Don’t worry my mind is still intact and another hopefully thought provoking post coming your way.
I want you to answer yes or no to the following questions:
Here goes
Are you happy with your current body shape?
Do you like the way you feel in terms of health?
Do you love exercising?
Do you enjoy going to the gym?
Do you manage to easily follow a healthy diet?
Do you sleep 7 plus hours a night?
Do you stay clear of coughs and colds?
Do you drink 2 plus litres of water a day?
Do you have good energy levels?
Are you happy?
This post isn’t about making people feel bad but I am trying to raise awareness in how we feel about ourselves and our health.
It seems to me that many of us have given up on our health and are accepting ‘I’m okay’ or ‘I’m fine’, why can’t we be ‘good’ why can’t we be ‘great!’?
I’m a firm believer that in order to look after others and be there for others you firstly need to look after yourself, be a little selfish.
If you answered no to most of the questions above then it’s a pretty good indicator that you need to focus on a bit of ‘me’ time to get yourself feeling good or possibly even great.
I pride myself on getting people from feeling ‘not too bad’ to feeling ‘great’!
It’s what I’ve been quietly doing to dozens and dozens of people from my little studio in bynea.
If you want to join and help me make the dozens become the hundreds then why not come on down.
I will be opening up brand new group training sessions most days of the week with memberships starting at £40 a month.
Just fill out this form to put your name forward:
Jamie Stedman
PS If the above option doesn’t work for you and you answered no to most of the above then please use my free advice to help you over on the blog
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