You Can’t Lose Weight Without Doing These

I get a load of questions week in week out related to weight loss and getting into better shape.
In today’s society we love new things!
So each week another wonder product or miracle diet is released promising instant results.
So I get questions coming in about:
– The boiled egg diet
– Fat burning coffee
– Fat stripping pills
– The best protein powders
And loads more
Nothing wrong with the questions, I encourage them.
My biggest problem is this:
If you want to lose weight (properly and effectively) you absolutely have to do the basics first.
All the other stuff comes later when you get down to the nitty gritty…
If you don’t get the basics right then you can kiss goodbye to making any sustainable changes
So what are the basics I hear you cry!!?
Well you know I love a list so here’s 10 to get right.
If you want to lose weight properly then these should be your primary focus END OF
Ignore these then you’re really up against it
The 10 Basics Of Weight Loss
  1. Eat protein with every meal
  2. Keep yourself hydrated
  3. Ditch sugary drinks
  4. Cut back/out alcohol
  5. Eat good quality fats
  6. Manage your carbohydrate intake
  7. Limit Sugar as much as possible
  8. Eat vegetables every day
  9. Cut out processed meals
  10. Do some exercise (however light)
Are you doing all of these?
If you are and not seeing results then you need a bit more specialist help.
If you aren’t and you want to learn how the fastest and easiest way then you need a bit of specialist help too.
Here’s the many affordable options I can help you shift those pounds and make you feel good about yourself again (3 options):
  1. One-one/small group training:
  2. Online coaching:
  3. Slimming club (you need to fill out a form):
Catch you soon,
Jamie ‘Get The Basics Right’ Stedman
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