3 Pronged Attack To Getting In Shape


What do we reckon then?

The best 3 things to help get in shape.

It’s not Herbalife, fat burners and a slendertone I’ll tell you that for free! (Put your money away)

If you’re looking to improve your body shape to its full potential then you can’t do it through diet alone, you also definitely can’t do it through exercise alone.

I always ensure that my clients concentrate on these 3 things:

1. Diet – healthy, balanced, a nice mix of lean proteins, healthy fats and a sensible portion of carbohydrates. As little processed food as possible and plenty of fresh veg and a bit of fruit to go with.

2. Exercise – Cardio. We do one cardiovascular circuit session each week focusing on strengthening the heart and lungs, utilising oxygen well, improving muscular endurance and burning a nice load of calories.

3. Exercise – Strength. We then do one strength session a week focusing on big pull/push moves such as squats, shoulder press, pull ups and deadlifts. This is needed to help build a nicer figure as well as the added bonus of feeling strong to help you with day to day activities.

Side note: people are always a bit wary about weights but it’s more often than not the session people enjoy the most.

Of course there’s a little more to it than just the above to get in your desired shape but if you follow those rules you’ll get pretty close.

If pretty close isn’t good enough then you may want to join me for one-one training where you can learn them all.

Christmas isn’t too far away now and people are wanting to get in good shape for the holiday season so if that’s you then I’ve got a couple of spaces available for one-one sessions.

Fill out this form and I can get in touch and arrange a chat and go from there:


Have a good weekend,

Jamie stedman

Ps I’ve got one space available on a Monday morning at 7:30am for small group training. It’s 4 people per group and the cost is £120 every 12 weeks. Act now and reply and you can start next week

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