Post Bank Holiday Plan

The summer hadĀ one more curve ball to throw at us in our attempts to be super fit and superĀ healthy in the form of theĀ bank holiday weekend. Now that it’d done and kids are back in school next weekĀ things will start to settle back down. The frustration for me is that people tend to think that’s […]

3 ‘Tricks’ To Help You Lose A Little Timber

Summer is in full flow, I’ve seen clients come and go from holidays the last month or so. Some come back looking the same whereas others come back half a stone heavier, it’s the time of year. Come the end of AugustĀ the summer will unfortunately be drawing to a close and people will start to […]

Set For Summer?

So the nice weather is finally here (I think,Ā  we’ve at least had a few tastes of it)! IĀ seeĀ a different mood around since the sun came out for this first time properly around Easter. Some are loving it and the legs are out! Some aren’t enjoying it so much and want to shut themselves away. […]