Set For Summer?

So the nice weather is finally here (I think,  we’ve at least had a few tastes of it)! I see a different mood around since the sun came out for this first time properly around Easter. Some are loving it and the legs are out! Some aren’t enjoying it so much and want to shut themselves away. […]

What Makes Us Different?

I got asked this week ‘What makes your fitness business different to a normal gym?’ A good question I thought. I’m a big fan of gyms, I think in terms of value for money it’s one of the best deals out there. For what you can get for £30-40 is amazing – if you use […]

My New Extension

Hey there, It’s definitely been a busy week up at HQ in Bynea. We’ve had a few new starters on the Revitalise Plan who are doing great already plus we’ve extended the gym by another 33%! It’s already made the studio a much better place to train. We now have our own separate cardio and […]