Supplements can be fantastic for your health.

Sadly many people’s diet leave them deficient in certain things such as vitamin c, vitamin d, protein, omega 3s etc. and supplements are the perfect and easy way to make sure you get enough of all of the vital macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals to be as healthy as possible.

There are a lot more supplements out there than just protein powder and creatine.

I supplement with Phil Richards Performance products (PRP).

Phil Richards Performance

PRP are passionate about health. Without health it is near-impossible to improve sporting performance, lose body fat or achieve many other physical endeavour. That is why their philosophy is;

Build Health, Build Strength, Build Life.

All of their products are primarily geared at improving health. Once health improves, performance (be it in sport or in life) will follow. Their range of nutritional supplements are based upon nature – giving the body what it requires from well sourced ingredients.

All of the products are free from chemicals and sweeteners like Acesulfame K, aspartame and sucralose.

PRP products are used by some of the top athletes and teams in the UK as well as members of the general public. Too many nutritional products are bought in the UK, consumed and there is no noticeable difference in the person’s health, wellbeing or sports performance.

They have a fantastic health as well as sports specific range of supplements.

The one’s I recommend you start with are:

    • Alkalizing Salts
    • Vitamin C Formula
    • Ultimate Fish Oils
    • Goodness Greens
    • Coconut Oil


I supplement with all of these and I’ve never had so much energy or felt so healthy.

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