My Holiday Plan

You have caught me on a good morning! I’ve got a nice strength session with client of 2016 H and then off to the gym for a session before heading off to the airport at 9am. I’ve got a week in Menorca with my family and girlfriend, man I need it! This year has been […]

Give Your Muscles What They Really Need

Working in the fitness industry I come across so many people in the gym and through personal training and massage who are tense. They suffer from tension in their legs, hips, lower back, shoulders and across the chest. This really restricts their movement which can make even the most simplest of things like reaching something […]

Merry Christmas From Me

Hi there, Don’t worry no article or big health and fitness message this week. I know you’re all busy with getting ready for Christmas or for the less fortunate of you still stuck in work! I just wanted to wish my loyal blog subscribers a very happy Christmas and a great New Year! I’ll catch […]