Why Lift Weights

When I first get a client started I explain to them how the training is going to run. Most people train twice a week so I tell them that we’ll be doing one cv fitness session each week and one strength/weights session. That makes a lot of people shake in their trainers. Me… weights? I […]

Are You Lifting Weights? (If Not Why?)

Weight training is an absolute cornerstone of my business and how I train myself as well as my clients (and I’m a runner) The strength session is often the one my clients look forward to the most (or dread the least maybe) It should be a part of everyone’s training whether you’re a rugby player […]

The Number 1 Exercise

If there was one particular exercise you could do, only one what would it be? Don’t pick an easy one, think what would give you the most benefits if you could do only one? The SQUAT It’s gotta be number one, I would say maybe the deadlift second place but for me it’s the squat […]