Quiz Time! How Healthy Are You Out Of 10?

I’m talking all the time. Not just Monday-Thursday It seems like everyone who has a day or two of healthy eating deserves a treat or a ‘cheat day’, a dominoes pizza as a reward for a 20 min run or a slice of cake after attending a zumba class. Us humans (myself included) are a […]

My Recovery

I had a tough week last week. All self inflicted though so I’m not after your sympathy 😉 The weekend before last I went to Budapest for one of my mates Stag Do, 15 lads seeing the sights, eating really healthy, working out and getting to bed early. Not quite. Imagine the polar opposite and […]

How Drinking More Can Help You Lose Weight

Just to warn you (disappoint) I’m not talking about beer or wine. Unfortunately drinking too much of that will make you fat as opposed to thin! What a shame. In today’s quick post I’m talking about water. You see drinking extra water is one of the simplest steps you can take to being healthier and […]