10 Reasons Why I Live A Healthy Life

Hello, It looks like winter is now behind us and we can start looking forward to warmer days, more light and of course our summer holidays! What I’ve realised over the past few years in the industry is that majority of people know the basics when it comes to being healthy. Most people know that […]

5 Food Swaps You Really Need To Make

Nutrition is confusing it’s fair to say. There’s so many ‘experts’ around offering contrasting advce that it’s hard to know what the heck to do! How many of you have gotten a little stressed about what foods are good and what foods aren’t? There’s high fat, low fat, reduced salt, no sugar, sugar free, 0 […]

Do You Know Your Numbers?

News article this week: ‘Know your cholesterol like you know your pin code’ Do you know yours? Sadly most people who know theirs are because they have a high level and are stuck on statins for the rest of their life. Their advising you to know this figure as well as your blood pressure readings […]