5 Best Exercises For A Flat Tummy

Okay here goes
Number 1 – Bicep curl Broccoli to mouth
Number 2 – Eat Eggs
Number 3 – Eat Good Quality Protein
Number 4 – Reverse bicep curl processed food away from mouth
Number 5 – Drink water
Okay a bit of a joke buuuut following the above is a good way of making your way to flat belly heaven
If you don’t want to bring your broccoli to the gym then here is a more serious list of exercise strategies to help you get your ideal body that you can all do
1. Step Away – Keep active as much of the day as possible, aim for 10,000 steps. If you have an office job then you ain’t going to do it on your own, you’ve got to be productive and walk pre, during and post work.
2. Raise The HR – Steady cardio is a good way of burning calories and everyone can do it, run/walk/swim/cycle – do as much of it outdoors as you can as it’s much nicer.
3. High Intensity Exercise – You have to be a little bit more experienced with exercise for this if you’re doing it on your own. Take an activity for example rowing on a machine. Rather than 10 mins steady pace try going hard as you can for 30s – moderate pace for 30s x 10. You’ll get a much bigger benefit
4. Lift Weights – Resistance training helps to build muscle, muscle burns fat = better bod! Don’t be afraid of the weights or weight machines. Get someone to show you how
5. Do Full Body Exercises – The more muscles worked in an exercise the better, you get more ‘bang for your buck’ with a weighted squat, deadlift or a pull up than you would a bicep curl.
So 5 strategies you can all adopt to make your training program more efficient.
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Have a good week,
Jamie Stedman
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