708,500 Children, 12 Junk Food Ads

If you are a regular reader or are simply aware about what’s going on in the UK then you know our health is in the s**t (and getting worse).
We don’t just have a weight crisis, it’s an obesity crisis.
And it’s growing!(Pun intended)
So with this in mind you’d think that everyone in a position of power would be pitching in and helping to tackle this problem.
The most worrying thing is the amount of overweight children there are, if you’re born into an overweight family the massive likelihood is you will be overweight.
Recent studies found one third of children leaving primary school are obese or overweight.
This is just going to keep spiraling out of control unless something drastically changes.
Yes people aren’t exercising anywhere near enough but the main problem is FOOD
More specifically processed JUNK foods.
– Pizza
– Ice cream
– Chocolates
– Biscuits
– Ready meals
– Crisps
– Sweets
– Fizzy drinks
These sugar, salt and many other unnatural toxin filled laden foods are making us fat and sick.
They are addictive and appeal to us in a world where everyone is in a rush and energy deprived.
So what is being done to tackle these giant food companies from brainwashing us (and our kids) to wanting these products?
Not much by the sound of it!
A study this week found that children are being bombarded by adverts for fast food during television ad breaks.
During an episode of the voice watched by around 708,500 children featured 12 adverts advertising fast food or drinks.
What chance do we have?
Children are very impressionable and the food companies are very good at selling their products.
We are facing a real fight for our health – this is no joke.
If you’re a parent then you need to do whatever you can in the environment you have control over.
Try and stop them from spending hours in front of the tv, try and encourage them to take part in sports and PE, try and make sure you get them used to good healthy foods. This you have an element of control over so do what you can.
Have a good day,
Jamie ‘Stop Junk Food Ads’ Stedman
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