A Solero A Day And Still Losing Weight

Hello hello,
Small group training member Shelly has been training with me over a year.
Shelly has always been pretty active and attends one session with me and spends the rest of her training time at a local gym.
She recently sent me a message which inflated my ego and I don’t mind sharing with you:
‘Jamie always has time to help and show you the right way to do things. He has a wonderful talent of making you feel at ease and relaxed in his classes I look forward each week to going. I have been going over a year now lost 2 stone and feel wonderful! Jamie is willing to help with food choices and advice also this is a huge part of getting to your goal together with the right exercises, thank you Jamie xx’
She has done fab and like all of my clients a joy to work with but she has been a bit naughty and using an alternative method of sticking to her good nutrition.
Since the summer she has been eating a Solero a day!!! Every day (as far as I know).
But she’s still losing weight, is it helping? I wouldn’t say it is in terms of the nutrition value it adds but what she said is one a day helps her eat healthy all throughout the day, week in week out.
Is she seeing results? Yes
If her results stop then I think it’ll be time to kiss the soleros good bye!
My focus with my own and my clients diets is to get things right 80% of the time – 20% of the time then is when you can have your weekend glass of wine, bit of chocolate, restaurant dessert or your solero.
Everyone is different and needs a different approach.
This is something I work closely with all clients to find out exactly what nutrition plan would unlock their best results.
If you want to get your nutrition and exercise habits looked at then fill out this form and I can get in touch. For the whole of October I’m offering a FREE STRATEGY session (phone/skype) to help you formulate a plan to reach your goals. You just need to fill out this form and request a strategy session: https://bit.ly/2Jl4Kvb
That’s all for today!
Jamie Stedman
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