All About Kettlebells

Just wanted to write a short post about the massive benefits you can get from this versatile piece of equipment the Kettlebell.

So what is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell looks like a bowling ball with a handle. Normally black, the cast iron ones are best in my opinion. The weights usually go up in 4kg but you can get pretty much every weight. An 8kg bell is a good weight to start with.

They take up little room, they’re sturdy and compact and you can do a whole load of exercises with one.

Kettlebells offer you a welcome alternative from dumbbells, barbells and traditional strength training. It is good to mix things up and try things new so kettlebell training could be for you.

Training in such a unique and different way has many benefits. Practically speaking it is very cost effective you can pick up a good quality cast iron kettlebell (depending on weight) for around £10-15. You require limited space, a couple of square metres is enough room to complete an intense workout.

With kettlebell training there is a lot more to it than just swinging the bell. A slight change in grip can give you a nearly different exercise. There are so many different exercises you can do targeting different muscle groups. You can even try using two at the same time to make it harder.

Kettlebell training is extremely versatile and you can change from one exercise to another in a short period of time, this allows you to complete a full body circuit in minimal time. It can help you to build functional strength, allowing aspects of your life to become much easier e.g. carrying bags, standing upright, climbing stairs etc.

Such training will work muscles that you don’t usually work and help to correct any muscle imbalances you have in your body.

Kettlebells have been around for ages, Russians used to (and still do) train with it a long time ago.

The main benefits of kettlebells are:

  • Develop power
  • Improves core strength
  • A fun way to do cardio
  • Builds functional strength
  • Improves flexibility
  • It’s fun and varied and you can train anywhere
  • Great for people in a rush
  • Good strength work
  • Builds great muscular endurance
  • Awesome for fat loss
  • All round body workout
  • Builds a muscular physique
  • It’s relatively cheap and you require just a little bit of space
  • Easy to learn
  • Good for coordination

I don’t know about you but that would be more than enough to convince me to give it a shot.

I take a few kettlebell classes at a local gym and most gyms do kettlebell classes.

You can either attend a class, buy a kettlebell and do it at home or just introduce a few kettlebell movements into your usual gym workout if they are in your gym.

A few exercises to start you off, youtube them if you don’t know what they are:

  1. 2 Handed Kettlebell Swing
  2. Turkish Get Up (hard)
  3. Clean and Press
  4. Goblet Squat
  5. Kettlebell Military Press

Let me know how you get on.

Good luck and swing away,

Jamie Stedman

Ps This is where I pick up my kettlebells from

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