Are You Doing Too Much?

My usual battle is getting people off their asses and moving…
But sometimes I have to and want to stop people moving quite so much.
If this applies to you then you may benefit from sitting down on your ass a bit more.
So who am I talking to?
Well in today’s world with most things we think the more the better.
Particularly the more exercise we do and the harder the exercise we do will result in more weight loss.
Not really.
Yes you will burn more calories
As you know exercise without good eating habits and lifestyle habits can be very ineffective for weight loss (on it’s own, exercise has tonnes of other benefits).
Overdoing exercise can result in injuries, low energy levels, eventual bad relationship with exercise, addiction and more.
Also if you get injured and you don’t exercise that’s usually when the diet goes out the window! People’s good exercise and eating habits often go hand in hand with each other, take one away and the other suffers.
The benefits of exercising sensibly 2-4 times a week for 30-45 mins means if you have to stop exercising it won’t have such a big effect on your lifestyle and it’s much easier to get back to.
If you’re doing back to back exercise classes, training 6-7 times a week, attending HIIT classes every other day or even signing up for a half marathon or 10k to lose weight then there is a better way.
If you’re young and fit or an athlete the HIIT training and a lot of running is fine, I’m talking to normal people with a normal life who are just looking to get fitter and lose a bit of weight, there is another way. 
That’s what all of my clients have successfully adopted, some have been shocked when I’ve actually slowed them down in training and told them to do less in their own time. They were even more shocked when they got better results than they ever had before!
To get maximum benefit without spending hours in the gym then fill out this form as your first step and I’ll be in touch to discuss options (one-one, buddy training, small group, slimming club)
Take care,
Jamie Stedman


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