Are You Healthy (Quiz part 2)?

Wednesday’s email went down well.
A few people replied proudly saying they scored 3-5 out of 5. Kudos!
A couple replied with an embarrassing 0-1, but well done for being accountable.
I also think by not hiding from the facts they will start to change their lifestyle.
So if you want to avoid looking 20 years older than you are and shopping in a mobility scooter before you time then check out these next 5 points. Then round it up and give me a total out of 10.
Healthy Habits
6. Planning your meals – If you leave it to chance and rock up to work everyday with your contactless card and see what you’ll find in the shop then A. You’ll spend a bomb and B. Before too long you’ll be making unhealthy choices due to temptation of the junk and a lack of healthy choices in shops. Do a good quality foodshop every week, plan what meals you’ll be having and do the prep.
7. Go Green – Take a step closer to your 5 (minimum) a day and pile on the green veggies. Low calories and packed with goodness.
8. Stop thinking you need a cheat meal every couple of days– Just because you’ve been to an exercise class or had a salad for lunch doesn’t mean you deserve a cheat meal.The key to seeing results is to tackle your weekends, yes you can have some treats but just try and keep it to once a week. Enjoy it then move on.
9. Stop eating packet food – Sugar and toxin laden foods are everywhere. They increase our waist line and damage our health. Easy rule, buy as little foods out of packets as possible. We don’t know what hidden things are in processed foods and packet products.
10. Sleep – If you’re sleeping less than 5 hours a night then it really is damn hard to stay on top of a healthy eating and exercise regime. The magic number for me is around 8 hours, anything less than 6 and you’re up against it. Switch off in the night, relax and go to bed early. You’ll feel so much better for it.
Let’s be honest very little of us will do all 10 day in day out, but if you can do all 10 or at least 6 plus most days then chances are you will be much healthier.
What you’ll hopefully see as well is these 10 habits don’t take over your life. You’ve just got to sacrfifice a few hours a week to doing a bit of exercising, healthy food shopping, prep and cooking (and eating – the best part).
If you haven’t got time for this then you really need to have a good think about your priorities…
Let me know your scores.
Have a good weekend.
Jamie Stedman
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