Completely Life Changing (Llanelli Man)

It was a couple of years ago I first met Paul.
You may recall since that time I’ve mentioned him within my posts.
Paul started training with me with his aim of returning to the shape he was once in, he is very successful in business and the busy job had allowed bad habits to creep in, this had spiraled and caused quite a lot of weight gain for Paul.
We started training twice a week and the results were amazing, last year Paul got moved to America with his job so we haven’t been able to train together for more than the odd week or two since but we still keep in touch.
He’s got himself a trainer out there and it’s somehow managing to juggle 12-13 hour days, healthy eating and training 5-6 times a week!
It does make me think when I hear people ‘haven’t got time to exercise’…..
Do you have to train 5-6 times a week, no, I do, I love exercise like Paul but you don’t have to.
You see summer is drawing to a close the talk of Christmas will be next and before we know it we are setting the same resolutions we  set last year!
Something has to change and it all starts with a small step.
It could be going for a walk.
Could be cooking a healthy meal.
Or it could be filling out this application form:
Memberships start form just £40 a month.
Or for a more affordable option why not get your diet on track with my brand new cookbook which is still on offer for £8.99
I messaged Paul this week to ask him how’s he doing and here’s what he said:
‘Hi Jamie, still training hard, six days a week plus cycling on my day off. When I started with you I was a 44-46″ waist, I am now a 33″ waist, XXXL t-shirts, now a Medium! Bulking up good, muscle definition there. Eating perfect. Hope you are well, still miss our sessions’
That’s pretty life changing.
Don’t wait until next year to start something, if you aren’t happy do something NOW.
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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