Don’t Fall Into The Trap Again

Hands up if you’ve failed to reach your new year resolutions in the past?
Hands up if you set yourself the same goal every January.
– Get fitter
– Get healthier
– Lose weight
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Every January the same people with the same (well meaning) intentions return to the gym, slimming clubs and fruit and veg aisle. 
Fast forward 1-4 weeks and most people have returned to their old ways and will go into a food coma until the summer.
The problem is, people just try the same boring and aggressive dieting and exercise routine.
It’s not so much the body can’t cope, it’s the mind isn’t trained for change.
You need to look into what has brought you some success in the past and try and replicate it, don’t try the same thing you’ve failed at and expect to succeed this time.
Another problem with the aggressive dieting and exercise is approach is you’re only one injury/illness away from being back on the sweet stuff.
A Better Way
Make yourself one mini goal each week e.g. I’m going to go to two gym classes this week or I’m going to prepare my breakfasts every evening from the morning.
Condition your mind to succeed, success is contagious and you;ll find a positive snowball effect.
So what’s your plan this weekend?
Another weekend of ‘getting rid of the christmas stuff’ or a healthy one to make you feel better?
The bottom line is that most people fail because they don’t feel strongly enough about their goal.
If living a longer, healthier, happier life is worth more than your every day glass of wine or pack of crisps then you’re on the right lines.
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Jamie Stedman
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