Get Fit For Free

How many of you have heard or said for yourself

‘I can’t afford to stay fit’

I do find it strange that people won’t bat an eyelid about spending £30-100 on a night out or £50+ on a new outfit yet they won’t spend £20-30 a month on a gym membership. 

Admittedly with the cost of living today gym memberships can be pretty pricey. There are some budget gyms around my local area costing £10-15 a month which is pretty insane when you consider what you get for that.

But today I’m telling you how to get fit for free, otherwise the title would have been called ‘Get fit for £15!’

So that’s what I’m here to do. I love the gym and can safely say I will always have a membership but it’s not for everyone.

Here are some reasons:

  • Lack of time
  • Transport
  • Cost
  • It can be intimidating
  • Unsure of what to do
  • Know they won’t use it enough

Does that mean that these people shouldn’t exercise?


Does it mean that a lot of these people won’t exercise.


I guarantee that doing a few short exercise sessions a week will have a positive impact on your health, it will be one of the single best investments of your time which you will make.

5 Free Ways To Get Fit

  1. Go for a walk. I live in Llanelli which is on the coast and close to the gower. There are some pretty awesome scenic walks you can do. The nicer the scenery and location the more you’ll enjoy it and the less it’ll feel like exercise. If you’ve got a dog take them along.
  2. Cycling. Go for a cycle, or cycle/walk to work. All of the little changes you make in becoming more active will all add up.
  3. Play with the kids/young family members. What happened to just spending hours and hours in the garden playing football, rugby, badminton, tennis etc.
  4. Running. That’s all you need is a pair of shoes. Get out your door and do some jogging. Doesn’t have to be fast. Going for a run is one of the best stress busting actitvities you can do! You’ll feel great after it. For the more competitive readers check out park run. There are loads of locations around the UK and it’s a free 5k race at 9am every saturday morning.
  5. Workout at home. That’s all you need is a bit of floor space. Can use chairs, steps and bottles of water/tins to make it harder. Do a little 10 min bodyweight circuit with exercises such as squats, press ups, star jumps, lunges, step ups and burpees.

The countries health as a whole is pretty awful and very worrying.

Don’t be another number adding to the problem.

Take action and do something good for your health. Getting yourself active in the ways mentioned above a couple of times a week really will benefit you.

So get moving,

Jamie Stedman

PS For those of you looking for some more guidance whether it’s one to one training, small group training or would like to join my brand new online weight loss program please email

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