How Sitting Too Long Affects The Body

In 2002 the World Health Organisation (WHO), the world health organisation I just told you! (that was a bad joke) listed inactivity/sedentary lifestyle as one of the 10 leading global causes of death and disability.
Not good!
And in today’s world it is so easy to be inactive. I now wear a fitbit, I’ve had the occasional lazy day where I haven’t left the house much. I look at my step count at the end of the day and it’s less than 2000.
This is the norm for many people:
Wake up, sit down and eat breakfast, get in car, drive to work, get to work, sit down for 8 hours, get back in car, get home, eat dinner, sit on sofa, go to bed, REPEAT
This is not uncommon by any means, there is virtually 0 exercise there and are spending about 95% of the day seated or lying.
It’s worrying and it’s not good for us.
In a comparison between the most sedentary to the least sedentary there was found to be a:
– 112% inc risk of developing diabetes
– 147% inc risk of suffering a cardiovascular event
– 90% inc risk of cardiovascular mortaility
It is found that 50% of daily sitting time occurs at work, that’s good and bad. Bad because it means that the other half of the day you have more control of.
I know office workers who are super fit as they do some exercise before or after work and plenty on the weekends. Their job doesn’t hold them back from being fit.
Walking burns 3-5 times the calories that sitting does.
Quick tips if you find yourself sitting on your ass for too long each day:
– Get up and have regular walking breaks
– Get away from your desk at lunchtime and go for a walk
– Walk to work when you can
– Use the stairs rather than the lift
– Get a fitbit to keep you motivated and more away of your daily activity
– Do some stretches at your desk
Just these simple changes can make a big difference.
A sedentary lifestyle really is one of the most dangerous lives you can live.
I’m pleased to say I’ve transformed many people’s sedentary lifestyles into something a lot more healthier. If you want me to do it to yours then take a stroll over here and fill out this form:
I’ll then be in touch.
Jamie Stedman
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