I’m A little Nervous

Hey there,
Just a quick email this morning as it’s busy times ahead.
For the 4th time in the last 5 years I’m off to Reading musical festival.
This has proven to be on the last 3 occasions my unhealthiest few days of the year!
– Lack of sleep
– Alcohol
– Junk food
– No exercise
This does Jamie no good!
My plan this time? I’ve got to be honest I haven’t managed to come up with much of one.
With most things I always have a plan up my sleeve for me and my clients to stay as close to the track as possible.
What I will try to do is this:
– Bring fruit and nuts with me as healthier snacks
– Focus on meals high in protein and with vegetables like stir frys from food stands
– Drink as much water as possible
– Walk and dance a lot
I’ll do that to limit a bit of damage hopefully, but also it’s been a hard working year so far with plenty of changes and it’ll be nice to chill out and have a few days off to enjoy some music with friends.
I’ve got something to go out Friday and I’ll catch up with you next week to let you know how it went!
Have a great week and enjoy yourselves!
Life is way too serious sometimes.
Jamie Stedman
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