I’m Settling In Well

I’ve been moved into my new private fitness studio for a couple of weeks now.
I must say I’m loving it.
It’s given me a new lease of life.
I thought things were going well in the old place but this move has definitely made me realise that it was time to move.
You see if you do the things over and over again things can get a bit stale, whether you realise it or not.
I know many of us are creatures of habit but sometimes that’s not always good.
If you’re trying to lose weight and you eat the same few foods over and over again your weight loss will plateau
If you do the same exercise session week  in week out eventually you’ll stop getting fitter and you’ll just maintain
This doesn’t apply to just health and fitness, it’s the same with everything
People often leave their job because they do the same thing over and over again
People leave their partners for the same reason!
Variety is the spice of life!
Don’t get caught short by doing the same things over and over again – mix it up in all aspects of life!
If you want to mix things up with your exercise and train in my brand new private fitness studio then get in touch.
What I can guarantee you:
– Different workouts every week targeting the whole body
– Fun workouts which will keep the body guessing
– You will improve your fitness and functionality 
– You  will find out how to get maximum benefit from exercise without wasting hours in the gym 
– A private, relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a bit of exercise in no matter your age or ability
Summers not far away so if you want to get yourself in a shape where you’re comfortable to wear shorts and t-shirt (or less) and you need a bit of help then click reply.
Jamie Stedman
PS If you want to check out a few photos of the new studio go ahead:
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