Is Eating Making You Hungrier?


Today I’m talking about food (again)!!

Do you feel hungry all the time??

If you do then this short post may help.

I take you back to last week when I was reading over a food diary one of my clients completed.

They said to me ‘I feel hungry all the time’

This client is pretty new so they aren’t quite up to speed with my nutrition strategy or has quite cracked the planning and preparing meals.

For the few days on the diary they mentioned how they were rushing around and too busy to cook so had to grab things on the go… sound familiar?

Here was one of the days (not great I know)

Breakfast – 2 pieces of toast with butter (in a rush as had to get kids off to school)

Lunch – Tesco meal deal, sandwich, crisps and a drink (only had half hour for lunch)

Dinner – Pasta with tomato sauce

Okay lets look at this.

It’s not a disaster, they haven’t eaten 2 pizzas and a tub of ice cream no.

It’s  a low calorie day, they may even have lost weight on it due to the low calorie intake.

But… they mentioned they felt hungry all day.

Is it any surprise?

The big thing which stands out for me is the lack of quality food. The bread, crisps, pasta has no nutritional density.

You want you foods to be packed full of goodness and provide the building blocks for growth.

The only things these quick, processed foods are going to grow is your waistline.

If you are feeling hungry all the time then you need to:

  • Base your meals around high quality protein and fats
  • Eat plenty of green vegetables
  • Drink 2-4 litres of water a day (depending on your body weight)

Here are the suggestions I made to this persons diet by the way (small suggestions to start with).

Breakfast – Add scrambled egg and ditch one of the pieces of bread

Lunch – If in a rush get a ‘make your own’ supermarket salad and fill up on boiled eggs, falafel, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, onion, peppers as opposed to mayo covered pasta.

Dinner – Add some onion, peppers, courgettes, carrots and some extra lean mince to the pasta.

This will have increased the calorie intake yes. But it’s a much healthier day with some good food to help provide the building blocks for this person to burn fat, build muscle and have enough energy to carry out their day.

Have you noticed you overeat things like crisps, chocolate, cereal, bread?? That’s because they have no nutritional density contained. Their effectively empty calories which you can eat and eat until you feel guilty and sick. In order to get to where you want to be you need to limit your intake of these foods which you don’t need.

Make sense?

Any questions please drop me a comment/email.

Have a good weekend,



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