It Has Totally Changed My Life For The Better

A few weeks ago I mentioned one of my superstar clients Cath.
So I’ve got some words from the lady herself in today’s post just to share a bit more about her journey in 2019:

I joined Jamie initially to help me regain some strength, and a level of fitness that would enable me to regain a sense of normality in my life, following a long period of spinal and sciatic issues, which resulting in surgery in July 2018. I followed all the consultants’ advice, swimming and walking, but I just felt it was not enough, as I still struggled with weakness in my leg and back. 

In January 2019, I decided I had to do something to get stronger, but was unsure what to do for the best. If I joined a gym, how would I know I was doing the correct exercise and techniques to get the results I needed, without causing any further injury. Eventually after a few weeks of insecurities, I completed Jamie’s form and sent it, still unsure if I was doing the right thing.

Jamie contacted me within the day and we arranged a session to discuss all my concerns and work out a programme. I chose his 1-1 training, as with little confidence in myself, I needed that individual support at that time.  Training with Jamie has been fun and enjoyable, it has not been easy, as he does push you, but he always encourages and makes you feel like you can do it.  I never thought I would actually enjoy it and would still be going. 

Now 6 months later and looking back to where I was at the beginning of the year, I know it is a clique, but “I feel like a different person”, and have achieved so much more than just regaining my strength. I have more confidence and are happier in both my work and personal life. I have lost some weight, (with Jamie`s guidance), and can fit into some of those clothes that have not seen the daylight for a number of years. I have more energy and the strength to do all the things and more, I did before my injury.

With Jamie’s encouragement and knowledge, I can honestly say, It has totally changed my life for the better, and I am so glad now that I completed his form, and that I actually pressed the send button. I do not hesitate to encourage anyone and everyone looking for a personal trainer, for whatever their reason, heath, fitness, weight loss, etc. to contact Jamie.

If you want to get signed up and see results like Cath then this quick form is your first step to potentially the new you:
Thanks for reading,
Jamie Stedman
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