One Off Test To Detect Your Heart Attack Risk

I saw this story on the BBC website last week.
It caught my eye even more so after the tragic deaths of two young men running Cardiff half marathon early in October.
A recent study has found that a genetic test costing around £40 could detect if you’re at increased risk of suffering a heart attack.
The aim is for the test to explain why people with no apparent risk factors can still go on to have a heart attack.
I think the country wide screening process is still a way off but it’s good to hear off a test like this hopefully becoming readily available for us.
I’ve heard more and more about incidents like I mentioned above heartening and people’s lives being severely cut short due to issues in the body that they have no idea about.
We only have one body and we need to treat it with respect.
If we keep topping it up with cigarettes, alcohol and junk food then it’s going to get weaker and weaker.
Increasing our risk of health problems dramatically.
On the flip side, some people are just unlucky and have certain defects in the body. If you’re worried about your health or anything don’t leave it, get it checked out.
We get an MOT for our car (and pay for it) every year, you should seek out getting one for your body every year at least. A lot of forward thinking employers do get health checks for their staff every year. I think that’s a great idea.
The full and interesting article which explains how the test works can be found here:
Take care,
Jamie Stedman
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