Orange Juice Vs An Orange

I read an extremely interesting post on a personal training blog the other day which talked about the difference between eating an orange and drinking orange juice. You can see it here.
I thought it would be an interesting one for my readers so thought I’d do a short article summarising it’s findings.
The article was written to prove that NOT ALL CALORIES ARE CREATED EQUAL e.g. if you ate 200 calories of cake compared to 200 calories of spinach it would have a different effect on the body. I’ve written a post about this subject here.
So onto the oranges. I must point out that when comparing apples and apple juice, pineapple and pineapple juice you will find similar findings.
Not so long ago I wrote an article about fruit (you can find it here) and whether it can make us fat. (Apologies about all the links sending you away, I do want you to read this one!)
The findings were basically if you’re looking to lose weight then you should stick to no more than 2-3 pieces of fruit a day. If you are lean or happy with your body shape then you can crack on and eat as much as you like pretty much.
I told one of my clients this so she cut down her fruit intake as she was looking to lose a few pounds. I then looked at her food diary and found she was drinking loads of orange juice since, that helped to explain the lack of progress with regards to weight loss.
So let’s compare.
McDonalds large Orange juice – 280 calories – 58g of sugar – fibre – 0g
To equal the calories you need to eat 3.5 oranges!
Will you see the same results? Nope.
You will sip down that orange juice in 1 minute, it has no fats or fibre it goes to the liver and is very easily stored as fat then (insulin levels rise which causes this). With the orange juice you’ll get a good dose of vitamin C a sweet drink and not much else for your money other than giving your liver some serious work to do.
Compare that with the 3.5 oranges.
This will take a little longer to eat
Remember this is the same calories
After the third you’re starting to feel a little full. Why? That’s because of the fibre contained in the fruit which was non existent in the orange juice. Also your mouth is feeling sweet with the burst of flavour, with the orange juice you’ll pretty much glug it down and miss out on it.
The orange juice process to the liver will take around 30 mins. With the oranges digestion takes a lot longer. 1-2 hours after eating your body will start to get some healthy doses of vitamins C and A along with some calcium and a little bit of iron. Equally importantly is the insulin response is much lower which means you are a lot less likely to store the orange as fat.
Hopefully this helps to show you firstly that just because something contains a certain amount of calories it will have the same effect and also try to avoid drinking too much fruit juice.
As I said earlier this can be applied to most fruit juices, have a little look on the back at sugar quantity and try to pick the lowest ones if you are going to drink it.
Sugar really is the enemy, excessive sugar intake is causing obesity and diabetes all across the UK, please don’t be another number which makes these figures worse.
Jamie ‘Fruit, Not Fruit Juice’ Stedman
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