Strength In Numbers

I’ve started running my small group sessions 12 weeks ago.
They run in continuous 12 week blocks and I’m happy to say that pretty much all of the members are signing up for 12 more!
Some of the people there are ‘seasoned’ exercises but some are almost brand new to it. Some haven’t exercised since they left school!
What I pride myself on and what I do best than most trainers out there (in my opinion) is create good relationships which exercise. 
I’ve got some clients who like to have a bit of a pasting and train like maniacs but for the more normal everyday person with family,friends, social life and just want to get fitter, healthier and look better then I know how to get it right.
I see the people who hate exercise as a challenge, more often than not they grow to love it… okay maybe not love, tolerate and sometimes even look forward to!
That is what I do.
One-one training could benefit everyone but the cost is admittedly high and some people get priced out of it, that’s why I started my small group sessions.
You get close to the support of one-one during the session as groups are 4 people, it’s personal and specific to the group. Much better (and safer) than going to a bit fitness class and standing at the back so no one can see you!
It’s also fun and there’s a good morale across the groups (yep exercise can sometimes be fun!)
12 week courses cost £120 (£10 per session) you also get a diet plan and become a member of the private facebook group where you get food diary feedback, home workouts, educational posts and you can share recipes, thoughts and questions on there.
If you want to join my little community then good news is there are 2 more groups due to start. There’s two spaces left in each one:
Wednesdays 12pm
Fridays 8:30am 
If you want to add yourself to the list then click reply and let me know. Sessions will start as soon as the groups are filled.
Give it a shot 🙂
Jamie Stedman
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