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    From The Desk Of Jamie Stedman

    'There are so many fad diets, exercises and advice out there to 'help' people reach their goals. I will help to clear the confusion and give you easy to follow advice to allow you to feel your best again.'

    Jamie Stedman

    Kate Kate

    ‘Jamie is fun to work with and a great motivator who goes the extra mile for his clients. I’ve been surprised what I’ve been able to achieve with his help and encouragement. He has boosted my confidence and energy levels and given me lots of good advice on healthy eating.' 

    Diane Diane

    ‘I have been training with Jamie for 8 weeks and already I have seen such a difference. My energy levels have increased and I feel so much better, I am steadily losing weight, my body fat percentage is going down and I can see my shape changing, I really enjoy the workouts, they are always varied and you can work to your own limits. I would recommend the sessions to everyone.’