That’s The Hammer

What a week!
Another busy one at HQ, a few next clients who have been making some amazing progress in their first few weeks, plus keeping the long serving members on their toes and motivated.
It’s been a good start to the year.
It’s a bit later than planned but I’ve finally started working on the new studio (same place just a bigger space)
Last sunday I spent a few hours swinging a sledgehammer around knocking down a wall to create the extra space, it was good fun!
The new studio is going to be bigger and better plus now has a separate section for sports massage
Bit by bit I’m expanding and am now able to accommodate more clients and offer them a better training environment.
That’s the priority 
I know I could get a space 2-3 times the size and spent thousands filling it but that time will come
Just like weight loss it’s all about little steps
You may want to lose 6 stone but by targetting 2-4lbs a week is a lot more realistic and a lot less daunting
People don’t want to wait these days, most people have no patience and are quick to give up
If you’re ready to make some long term changes and freshen your training up in the new studio then get in touch.
I’m looking for 3-4 women who want to train in a small group 1-2 sessions a week (£10 a session) for 12 weeks. If you’re interested or wanting to know more then click reply
Just a quick one today!
Another full day and I’ve got some painting to do. Have a good weekend
Jamie ‘On The Rise’ Stedman
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