Walking Vs Crossfit

The audacity!!!
To compare a simple act of walking to one of the most extreme sports in the world!
Before anyone gets their wall balls in a twist it’s just a bit of fun.
It seems like very little trainers and coaches out there really promote the big benefits that walking can have to a persons lifestyle AND weight loss goals.
High intensity training such as crossfit, tabata, kettlebells, circuit training is all the rage at the moment and there is a very good reason for it – the benefits are excellent and I use a lot of it with my own training and that of my clients.
The downside ….
It’s not for everyone and it can be dangerous.
The worrying thing from my days of taking kettlebells, circuits and spin classes was that I had no idea with any class who could be walking through the door. It could be a superfit athlete I had to test with my classes or it could be John from down the road with an undiagnosed heart problem about to try his first spin class because Barry from a little further down the road said it’s great!
Extreme example but sadly it happens.
(one reason I properly screen clients before they start with me)
A less extreme example and much more common is people with a bone/joint/muscle problem or simple someone with a low level of fitness (and usually self esteem) coming and trying one of these classes and either hurting themselves or putting themselves off for life.
My message today isn’t don’t do the before mentioned classes but to only do them when you’re ready or in a safe environment.
There’s nothing wrong with spending a few weeks doing some walking, cycling or swimming to get you used to moving again. As you progress so can your training plan.
Walking is free, it’s easy on the joints, it’s theraputic, it burns calories, can strengthen bones and improve your sleeping pattern.
Grab your coat and get out there! (especially if you’re an office worker)
Jamie Stedman
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