What Do I Eat?

That’s a question I got from a client the other day.
I shall let you all know today the answer but I need to say firstly it probably won’t help you too much.
You see nutrition is very complex, we are all different shapes and sizes and henceforth have different needs.
A diet plan I subscribe for some client won’t necessarily work for another client.
So a day in the life of Jamie Stedman
Wake up 6am
1 pint of water
Post exercise 8-9am
2 boiled eggs or Greek yoghurt with nuts and fruit
Vitamin C, D & Fish oil supplement
Apple and some nuts
Chicken with a big salad
Dinner – fish and veg, homemade curry, stir fry, omelette
But depending on my training this could vary.
I eat different day to day but that’s a basic structure.
If you ate like me and are trying to lose weight would it work?
Well it probably would to a degree, but a plan specifically designed to you would work even faster.
One size fits all plan don’t work long term. Yes I give clients a meal plan to start with and you can even get it from me by subscribing to the blog but through working with them I’ll start to chop and change and build a plan/eating structure best suited to them to achieve maximum results.
I offer this to 1-1 clients on the full membership and you get a massive help with your diet and nutrition if you’re a small group member.
Small group memberships start from £40 a month, you’re in a group of 3-5 and it’s a lot of fun!
We have a new group opening on Wednesday’s at 5:30pm and there’s space on a Monday morning, Tuesday evening and Thursday evening.
If it interests you then all you need to do is fill out this form and I’ll be in touch with the rest:
Have a happy healthy week,
Jamie Stedman
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