What Do You Do To Better Yourself?


How’s your week been?

Not that you asked but mine has been good!

I’m currently training for the Amsterdam Marathon on October 16th, so only about a month to go! It’ll be my second marathon this year (and my last for a while).

I love my exercise but I’ve found trying to train for such a long event very tough on the body and time consuming, so I’m looking forward to running some shorter distances.

My girlfriend did ask me ‘Do you even enjoy running?’ a few months ago while I was sprawled across the floor after a 20 mile race.

I thought about that question quite a lot.

I can’t say I enjoy the pain you go through during but I do enjoy it.

I love the sense of reward you get at the end and seeing the improvements.

It’s nice to see your self improving and bettering yourself.

I’m sure that’s why we all exercise.

My clients love seeing them run a little faster, lift a little heavier and seeing the weight fall off the scales.

What motivates you? What do you do to better yourself?

Our lives are filled with ups and downs.

What I do know is if you put little effort in you regress and things get worse.

If you put effort in you progress.

So whether bettering yourself is running a stupid marathon or simply saying no to a packet of crisps make sure you are doing it.

Every month, every week, every day.

Aim high and eventually you’ll get there!

Take care,

Jamie Stedman
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