Why I Have A Problem With The (Fake) Social Media World

The world we living is changing all the time.
It’s changing so fast too.
I mean I know I’m only 28 but the last 15 years alone has seen such massive changes.
ENTER new technology, new influences.
We live in a world where it’s a crisis is Facebook goes down for an hour or it’s a disaster if you go somewhere without wifi. (especially if it’s a restaurant, who can see what you’ve eaten?)
Things have really changed, some for the better some for the worse.
One bad thing about all this new wonderful technology is that we can spend so much more time sat on our ass. Apparently even weatherspoons have an app now so  you can order food to your table and pay without having to go ALL the way to the bar.
I could go on and on about how these new trends and tech have made us even lazier for a long time but I wanted to specifically talk about social media.
It’s everywhere (even my mum is using it, and maybe even reading this now on Facebook (Hi mum)), we can’t get away from it.
Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, linkedin and probably many more to come.
It’s the place to show off all that is good with your life.
The place to show your very best, you can now brag to thousands of people if you want with the touch of a button (maybe a couple while you change filter to look even better). You can show whatever reality you want.
Some social media is brilliant, I use it, I’m not saying I don’t.
Is there a problem with people sharing their best bits? No I don’t think so.
The problem is created by these people of influence on the social media world that can make other people seem inadequate (often through no fault of their own)
There’s been a rise in mental health problems in recent years and many link it to the feelings of not being good enough or not as good as the people we follow on social media.
It’s very sad – you get overweight teenagers getting eating disorders to try and look like their favourite model. Guys injuring themselves by following exercise videos by guys with their 12 packs.
Anybody (myself included) can have a voice and can say they are an expert – they can offer good advice and also very bad.
I think social media is brilliant for connecting with friends, seeing photos, seeing what’s on locally but don’t believe everything you see or read on there.
If you want advice on dieting don’t just go to the person with a six pack and awesome body.
If you want to get fit don’t just go to the person doing burpees and jumping over people’s heads in their videos to show off.
Do your research,  find someone who’s delivered results for real people just like you.
Have a good day,
Jamie Stedman
PS There’s software on your phone/laptop that you can get to track and limit if you want it to your social media usage. I’ve used it in the past and it made me so much more productive!
How much time do you spend on social media every day?


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