A Bath Of Cola

Yo Yo!
I was scouring the internet earlier this week and found an interesting article!
It was on the BBC website
A study has found that UK teens drink enough sugar every year to fill a bathtub with cola!!!
That is a crazily high amount of fizzy drinks to be consuming
When I used to work at the supermarket I was amazed at how much fizzy drinks families used to buy!!
In my opinion diet fizzy drinks andĀ sugar free/zero calorieĀ all come into the same category! Yes they may remove the sugar but please tell me how they taste like that if they haven’t added something even more unhealthy and unnatural to it!!?
A slight bit of good news is that it’s gone down a little since 2014!
As you probably know too much sugar leads to obesity and other health problems
A five-year-old should have no more than 19g of sugar in a day, a 10-year-old no more than 24g, and teenagers and adults no more than 30g.
A typical can of cola contains 35g (nine teaspoons)!!!! Unbelievable
The survey data suggests:
ā—¾Pre-school children drink the equivalent of nearly 70 cans of fizzy cola
ā—¾Children aged four to 10 drink the equivalent of 110 cans a year (nearly half a bathtub)
ā—¾Teenagers drink more than the equivalent of 234 cans each a year (a bathtub)
I know some adults who drink as much of this if not more too!
Some people don’t see drinks (fizzy and alcoholic) as part of their diet and can’t understand why they’re putting weight on. There’s a hell of a lot of calories and sugar in these drinks which all adds to your waistline.
If you’re glugging down cans of coke each day and can’t understand why the scales aren’t shifting then that could be why.
If you don’t like water on it’s own then try water with a bit of lemon/lime or even cucumber to give it a little taste. There’s also something calledĀ Rocks squash which some of my clients who can’t stomach water like to drink so maybe give that a shot to get your water intake up.
To learn more tricks to keep you lean and healthy go here: (3 options):


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