Are You having Too Much Of The White Stuff?

How do?

I wonder what first sprang to mind with today’s subject?

That depends on your state of mind I think!!

The reason I (plus many more) believe that people are overweight today (as well as when trying to lose weight) is because of the white stuff.


Not all carbs.

We need carbohydrates for energy and various other functions of the body.


We don’t need as much as we eat today.

A lot of your excess carbohydrate (as well as with most food groups) will be stored as fat.

The Worst Culprits:
1. Bread
2. Pasta
3. Potatoes (sweet too if you eat too much)
4. Fruit
5. Sugar packed foods like chocolate, biscuits, ice cream you know… the nice stuff 🙁

What to do?

To aid your weight loss attempts I’d stick mainly to brown and basmati rice, potatoes and low GI fruit like berries, apples and cherries.

Stick to those and don’t over consume and you’ll be in a good position to lose some weight.

Jamie Out!

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