Beat The Winter Blues

Yep, winter is definitely here!

We had a good run of weather to be fair, I was happily wearing shorts through October and early November.

Not anymore.

It’s dark really early, it’s easy to feel a little misersable and want to just curl up on the sofa with some comfort food.

Yep you could do this and before you know it put on a stone or even two!

I’ve already seen gym attendances drop quite a lot the last few weeks so some people are doing exactly that!

The lack of sunlight and vitamin D causes a big effect.

I can’t do much about the lack of sunlight but I can give you some tips to help beat the winter blues this year!

Don’t hibernate through until Spring.

  • Supplement with Vitamin D
  • Exercise – once you get going you’ll feel great. I love going for a nice run on a crisp morning as long as I’m dressed approrpiately
  • Do fun ‘Christmasy’ stuff with the family
  • Get outdoors, wrap up warm and go for a nice scenic walk. You’ll feel better for it
  • Get loads of goodness in your diet. Pile up the veg. Can’t beat a big veggie soup in the winter to warm you up

Don’t let thing slip and end up a stone heavier come January. Keep on top of things!

It’s a long winter.

Take care,



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