Are You Heading In The Right Direction?

Hey there, Friday morning again. What have you got planned for this weekend? I’ve had a really busy few months so I’ve got a nice relaxing weekend at home to look forward to. Nice food, good bit of exercise and seeing family and friends.  Anyway back on track, the aim of these emails is to […]

Aim Higher

Now we are back into full swing! The gyms are definitely busier, people are running/cycling/walking more. It’s great! It’s even getting a little bit lighter during the days. I’m lucky to work with some pretty amazing people week in week out. Inspiring people who in the face of stress, serious illness, relationship problems, job problems, […]

How Confident Are You?

Everyone has a goal. Every single person is aiming for something, working towards something. These goals are personal to you and they mean something. Most common goal I hear? Lose weight People don’t actually want to lose weight as their goal, the numbers don’t mean much. It’s how they look and feel which prompt them […]