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How’s your week been?

I got a bit of good news last weekend.

You probably heard me mention that I was studying to be qualified as a Level 4 BACPR (British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation) Instructor. I’ve been studying for the last few months and a few weeks ago I had to have an exam and a verbal assessment.

Got the marks through and I passed which now gives me that qualification.

I was over the moon and even managed 93% in the exam, probably my best ever exam result!

So this qualification gives me the opportunity and knowledge to work with people after they’ve suffered a cardiac event. The statistics are worrying and more and more people are suffering from heart attacks and other heart and lung problems than ever before!

This was one of the reasons which made me want to go on this course. It was extremely challenging but I feel like I’ve learnt so much which I can now use with my clients (not just for those who have had a cardiac event).

This course should now move me up from Level 3 Personal Trainer to Level 4 on the REPS register (trainers governing body).

Another step up the ladder to where I want to be.

Hopefully with this extra qualification it will give me more experiences and learn more things which I can pass on to you my clients and blog followers.

If you think any of your family and friends would benefit from my emails send them this link to sign up or send me their email addresses.

Let’s grow this little fitness family even more!

If you’ve been thinking about starting working with me then all the info you need and all of the different packages ranging from £60-300 a month can be found here:


Have a good weekend,

Jamie Stedman

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