Is The Online Program For Me?

Hello there!

As you’ve probably heard I have a 90 Day Online Weight Loss Program out which I launched January 2016.

I’d been working on this behind the scenes since 2014 and finally it’s ready!

Results have been good so far I’ve been pleased to say.

A few guys and girls progressing well on the plan. This is just the start though, I want to change more than a few people’s lives I want this to go large. I’m talking 100s of people on the plan and benefitting from what it has to offer.

I put a lot of work into this but I can’t do it without your help so please help me to spread the word 🙂

So I’ve been getting a few questions about the plan since I mentioned it’s launch, I’ve been answering them individually several times each so I thought I’d do a quick post to hopefully answer some of the questions you have to help make your mind up on whether it’s the plan for you.

  1. Is it suitable for males and females?

Absolutely! A massive focus is on the nutritional side of things so these meal plans are suitable for both men and women. Also the exercise aspect works for both and will guarantee you increase your fitness and burn some calories. You get regular contact with me throughout the 90 days so I often give my clients little tweaks to help improve their results.

2. Do you have to pay it off all at once?

The cost of the plan is £99. Just over £1 a day. You can pay up front or in 3 x £33 payments over 3 months.

3. How does it all work?

You get daily emails for the full 90 days and a profile setup for you with access to the members only area of my website. These emails contain links to the private content and give you each workout and a meal plan for every single day on the 90 day plan.

You also get access to shopping lists, weekly tutorial videos, articles to increase your knowledge and much more.

The plan is split into 3 cycles and you weight and re-measure yourself at the end of each cycle.

If you’re still not sure then drop me an email and I’ll sort you out with a FREE 7 Day Trial to see how it all works.

You’ve got nothing to lose (apart from a bit of weight that is ;-))

Here’s the link:

90 Day Plan

Take care,

Jamie Stedman


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