These Are Things Which I Know Work


I’m writing this in February, I’ve already started to notice that the gym attendances are beginning to tail off.

I’m sure you’ve all read a few stats about how quickly new year’s resolutions fail.

Many people decide that more dieting and more exercise are going to be the changes they make to kick start the year and drop a few pounds.

So far so good, it’s what most people need to do.

So why do so many people fail?

In my opinion they often do TOO much TOO soon.

So just think what happens over December, many people do less exercise and eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow.

They go from this gluttony to wanting to eat and train like a professional athlete.

It’s unrealistic.

From burgers and alcohol to salads and water.

From no exercise to doing double classes 5 nights a week.

It’s only a matter of time before you give up for most people.

Here’s what I know works:

  • Starting slow with exercise, begin with going out for gentle walks 3-4 times a week
  • Finding an activity you enjoy (swimming, jogging, cycling, group exercise, walking or even sauna/steam room)
  • Make 1-3 changes a week with your diet e.g. Week 1 – eat less chocolate, cut down on alcohol. Week 2 – cut out processed foods and limit caffeine intake etc.
  • Set yourself short term realistic goals e.g. lose 5 lbs this month, go for a walk twice this week
  • Plan and prepare your meals instead of leaving it to chance

So stop starving yourself at home and killing yourself in the gym.

If you want to actually stick to a healthy lifestyle then do it the right way, one step at a time.



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