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I hope you enjoyed last week’s article and are using my December Damage Limitation Tips to help you get through this Christmas without losing your fitness too much or putting on a load of weight. If you missed it click here.

So we are another week closer to the big day and I know you are all busy so I wanted to keep it short this week.

I’ve already noticed that the gyms are getting quieter by the day now is the time that a lot of people like to slack off and then pick it up again in the New Year.

So I just want to tell you what I can do for you to help you out in the new year.

Option A

Personalised 4 Week Nutrition Plan 

This 4 week nutrition plan will be designed exclusive to you and your eating preferences. It is not just for people who want to lose weight, the plan can be designed for weight maintenance, muscle gain or just simply to feel healthier through your food choices.

The plan will give you every meal for a 4 week period plus snacks. This will help you to get 2015 off to the best possible start and ensure that your body is feeling great and fully detoxed after December. The cost of this is just £20 and you can use the 4 week plan again and again.

Option B

6 Week Training Program

You got a fitness goal in mind for January? Whether it’s run a 10k, improve your strength, general fitness or anything else then I can help to design a program suitable for you.

This package is suitable for:
•If you want to exercise but don’t know how
•If you train without a goal
•If you feel like you have no structure to your workouts
•If you want to lose fat and gain muscle
•If you want to increase your fitness
•If you are training for a specific sport or event e.g. 1/2 marathon, 10K
•If you want a personal trainer but feel priced out
•If you aren’t a member of a gym but want to exercise

This 6 week fitness programme is designed exclusively for you and you alone.

The programme will give you a day by day guide to follow with in depth instructions of what to do on each day. All for just the price of 1 Personal Training session you could get in the gym £30

Option C

Nutrition Plan and Training Program for £45

For more info and if you’re interested on purchasing the package click here.

If you have any questions just hit reply.

Have a good week and an awesome Christmas,

Jamie Stedman

PS If you’re short of ideas for xmas and panicking why not purchase one of my personal training gift vouchers. The gift of health and fitness for Christmas is definitely a present I would be happy with. Again just hit reply if you are interested in this.

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